VASA Swim Ergometer

If you’re like many triathletes, improving your swimming is your biggest challenge. That’s why P3 is proud to present an innovative new tool to help you swim faster and stronger in less training time than ever… the Vasa Swim Ergometer.

Using a variable airflow wind resistance system, the Vasa Ergometer accurately creates the feel of swimming through water. The harder you stroke, the more resistance you feel.

But unlike swimming in a pool, the Vasa Ergometer also provides some of the most useful monitoring ever built into a sports training machine. An attached electronic monitor provides instant feedback on performance, including time, distance, pace, stroke rate, force, and watts. That means you can see in real-time how even slight changes to your swim technique effect your efficiency and power. You can also compare data and measure your progress from one workout to the next.

What’s more, by ramping up the resistance, you can increase your sustained power and endurance while cutting your training time nearly in half!

The Vasa Ergometer is available for use at P3 at a single session or specially discounted multiple session rate.

Please contact us for complete details!