Train with a Coach. Get Fit Faster.

Are you ready to work with a coach and have your best season ever?

As an experienced triathlete, you’ve been living the life of a part time athlete. Early morning workouts,  long rides, bricks, interval training, long runs. You keep on top of the latest information from your favorite blogs, magazines and get a steady stream of tips from your training partners.

You love the lifestyle. You get in a one to two hour workout before most people are awake. You squeeze in 50 to 100 mile bike rides on the weekends and are still home in time to spend the day with your family.

You love the training, the races, the gear.
You want to keep going. Get faster, get stronger, go longer.

You may be looking to finish your first Ironman, claim a podium spot for your age group or simply have your best season ever.

As the new season approaches, you wonder how you could do better. “Am I training enough? Or am I training too much? Why am I not getting faster? How can I get better results in less time? How do I use all this data? TSS, IF, VI, Power, Average Power, Normalized Power, what does it all mean to me?”

As a busy professional, with an active family and social calendar, triathletes want to get the most out of your training. The season is only a few months long and you train all year to get ready. You know you can take your races to the next level, if you could just push your performance up a few notches.

Are you ready to stop trying to find all the answers yourself and trust a professional triathlon coach to take you to that next level?

Working with a P3 coach, you will receive a customized training program, weekly reviews, data analysis, race planning, nutritional advice and access to P3’s ongoing clinics and classes. No more guess work. With our expert instruction and guidance, you can have your best season ever.

Our coaches are age group and professional champions who were once just like you. They had the drive and passion to excel. At one point in their journey, they turned to a coach to help elevate their performance. Now they are here to take you to the next level.

With P3 coaching, classes and clinics, you can achieve your goals.

Learn how P3 Coaches can help you elevate your swimming, cycling and running performance by scheduling a coaching consultation. Just click here to schedule your appointment.

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As a 52 year old non-athlete, I was skeptical if I would enjoy cycling. With the help of P3, I have been able to ride 100 miles in the Canadian Rockies, love cycling and continue to do things that surprise me. Thank you P3!

— Indoor Cycling Athlete

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