Indoor Cycling – Hills

This four week class has you shifting your gears to hold specific wattage and cadence. Along with increasing your sustainable power at lactate, through various steady state hill climbs with efforts below and above your threshold power. As always these classes have a knowledgeable coaches who is off the bike leading the class. If you’re looking for some motivation to do much better on hills, this is your class. You’ll begin to understand the benefits to your fitnes, speed and hills that is provided by high-intensity workout hill repeats. Come “elevate” your cycling with P3.

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Indoor Cycling – Power Pick Ups

P3 offers a unique indoor cycling program in May. The Power Pick Ups class is designed to increase your power to an even higher level, as we begin our summer riding.
Each person trains based on their own power zones derived from a time trial done on their bike, in a controlled environment, under the direction of a knowledgeable cycling coach. Don’t have a power threshold or a recent one, we can help with that. You can do a threshold or ftp test before starting the program. These once a week group sessions have a coach present throughout the training, leading everyone through both form work and power intervals.
These Power Pickups will take your fitness to a higher level!!
Classes start in May – Registration opening soon!