2017 Half Ironman Group Training

P3 certified coaches are proud to present the 2017 Half Ironman Group Training Program. The program is designed for athletes of ALL levels who are looking for a structured training program in a fun and purposeful environment. Training plan is designed for either 70.3 Madison, 70.3 Racine or Door County Half Ironman.

P3’s group programs have helped hundreds of athletes reach their season’s goals and include race specific training plans, “over distance” winter training rides, supported course rides, educational clinics, weekly bike rides starting in the spring, open water swims in the summer months, and much more.

• Program runs from January 7th to race date (June or July depending on the race)
• A P3 USAT certified coach meets with each athlete at the start of the program, speaks with them bimonthly, reviews their race plan prior to their “A” race and has a post-race meeting with the athlete
• Includes a full training plan, 3 group swim clinics, 3 winter “over distance” training rides/runs, clinics running from January to June, course rides, open water swims, and more
• The program does not include entry into this event or other races. Separate registration required.
• USA Triathlon membership required

To learn more about this popular program please view the 2017 P3 Group Coaching Presentation
To register click  HERE
Interested in Ironman Group Training?

Coach or No Coach – that was the question.

With six years of triathlon experience and the completion of many races, including four half ironman 70.3 events and three marathons, I was inspired by a friend to sign up for my first full ironman – IMWI 2015. As I began the process of preparing myself for the journey ahead, the concept of hiring a coach came into consideration. After speaking with several accomplished triathlete friends the consensus was unanimous – a “good” coach is well worth the money!

After networking with several local triathlete friends, my [inspiring] friend and I were introduced to Heather Haviland. After meeting Heather, my friend and I agreed to give her a try. Not knowing what to expect … I can now look back and say… I made the right decision!

Heather is a great coach! In my opinion, Heather is a very credible, knowledgeable and caring coach. Working with me one-on-one, she developed a training plan based upon my goals, capabilities and schedule. She always has a smile and a positive attitude and believes we are all capable of more than we think we are. And, she is very well connected in the triathlon and endurance racing community.

In addition to Heather’s own accomplishments as a former pro triathlete and her ability to transfer those skills as a coach, however, what I believe is one of Heather’s greatest attributes is her genuine care, commitment and concern for her athletes. She really cares about her athletes and is committed to helping them achieve their goals. There is no hiding or faking that.

My overall experience with Heather and the team at P3 – Peak Performance Professionals has been great! Everyone there is helpful, encouraging and professional. I have a made a lot of great new friends along the way and look forward to training with them in the future. I would absolutely recommend Heather Haviland and P3 to anyone considering hiring a “great” coach for endurance sports and fitness.

Thanks Heather and P3 for great season!

— Abe G. (Triathlete)

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