Master the Swim. Race with Confidence.

Are you ready to perfect your swim technique and gain confidence in the water?

You are a strong biker and runner, but swimming drains you of valuable energy. As you take on longer races or become more competitive, you want to get stronger, faster and more confident in the water.

Swimming is a skill sport. It can take years of practice to get your “feel for the water”. In triathlons, you may be competing against athletes who have been swimming competitively since childhood. With years of coaching and practice, they seem to just glide through the water effortlessly, while you struggle to keep up.

Are you putting in time at the pool, but are frustrated that you aren’t getting faster?

Swimming is a time consuming sport and with your busy lifestyle you don’t have time to log long hours in the pool every single day. It’s frustrating to put in hours and hours of training with little to no improvement in your splits or your confidence.

You’ve watched swimming tips on YouTube, read “expert” guides and reviewed the blogs, but it’s hard to make sense of it all. There is a lot of contradicting information out there. One article tells you to rotate your shoulders, the next says it’s all in the hips. You have serious questions, “Do I have the right technique? How can I do get comfortable in a crowded race? How can I swim efficiently and converse my energy for the bike and run?”

You are not alone. Hundreds of athletes have come to us with the exact same questions. Frustrated with trying to teach themselves how to swim, our successful athletes have taken advantage of our one on one coaching, clinics and group training to dramatically improve their performance in the water. We will give you direct feedback on what you are doing right and what you need to change to improve your swimming.

Our coaches will improve your technique, allowing you to gain speed, strength and confidence in the water.

At P3, we offer year round swim training. We hold indoor training in the off season, then kick off the summer season with group swims in Pewaukee Lake. We focus on important skills like, sighting, swimming with others, plus entry and exiting the water. You will learn the skills the pros and top age groupers use to stay ahead of the competition.

Train with P3 and enter your next swim calm and confident.

If you are a triathlete, you will love the feeling of coming off a strong and efficient swim. You will exit the water feeling confident as you enter T1 and head out strong and ready for the bike.

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