Train Smarter. Run Faster.

Are you ready to run longer, faster and injury free?

As a runner, you know there is no better way to clear your mind than getting in your regular run! Running releases your natural endorphins and puts you in the right state of mind to deal with whatever challenges life throws your way.

Running is your time away from the rest of the world.  You can get away from it all, with nothing more than a shirt, shorts and a good pair of running shoes. It’s the perfect escape wherever your life may bring you.

When it comes to running, there is so much more to training than simply putting in the miles.

You read the blogs, the magazines and the online training guides, picking up tips and advice wherever you can. But you still have questions.”Why do I feel beat up after my runs? How can I improve my speed and endurance? Why can’t I break through with a PR? What does it take to qualify for Boston? How can I enjoy running and stay injury free?”

Our coaches will help you break through your plateaus and stay injury free!

At Peak Performance Professionals, we have coached thousands of runners. We create comprehensive coaching plans that are more than a running schedule. We look outside the box and design training that addresses your strength, flexibility, heart rate zones, pacing, nutrition and much much more. These plans are full customized to you, your unique goals and your lifestyle.

With a combination of one on one coaching, group training and cutting edge running clinics, we can help you go beyond “putting in the miles”.

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