Get Stronger. Go Further.

Are you ready to take your place at the front of the peloton?

As a cyclist, you want to feel strong and comfortable on your bike. You want to keep up with the pack and avoid getting dropped. You don’t want to be the one to limit your group from going faster and longer.

You’re invested in your bike, your equipment and you can’t imagine a week without riding. You love to read magazines, blogs and share tips with your riding buddies.

But you still have questions. “How can I increase my power output? What is the best way to build long, steady endurance? How can I take on long, steep hills without blowing up? How can I use power and cadence data to hit T2 ready and run faster?”

Your biggest fear is blowing up on the bike during a key workout, group ride or race. If you are a triathlete, you want to take advantage of the longest leg in a triathlon and put yourself in a position to excel in the run.

At Peak Performance Pros our professional coaching staff has the answers to all your cycling questions.

We offer one on one coaching, outdoor rides and clinic, plus we feature the largest, state of the art cycling studio in Southeast Wisconsin.

You can ride with our team all year long, building pedal efficiencies, power and endurance. When spring comes around, your group will ask, “How did you get so fast?” You’ll find yourself at the head of the pack in races and with legs that feel strong and fresh coming out of T2.

Peak Performance Professionals offers one on one coaching, group classes, both indoor and out, plus numerous bike clinics throughout the year to improve your comfort and performance on the bike.

Best of all, you’ll have the chance to ride with a great group of people who share your joy of cycling.

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