Do you experience or have you EVER experienced:
• Gastrointestinal issues (bloating, cramping, etc) during training and/or racing
• Bonking or other fueling issues
• Have excess body fat
• Low energy during parts of the day
• Tired of taking in and carrying along all of those needed calories during training and racing?

Learn how to utilize more of your fat stores and less of your limited carbohydrate stores  by improving your Metabolic Efficiency

By increasing your Metabolic Efficiency you:
• Rely less on the need of supplemental carbohydrates
• Decrease bonking issues
• Decrease GI distress
• Improve body composition
• Improve blood glucose levels
• May improve triglycerides and low fasting blood sugar
• Decrease your body’s reliance on carbohydrates and naturally increase the utilization of a fat as fuel

What you eat IS crucial for your health along with YOUR athletic performance

The certified professionals at P3 have developed a program to help athletes improve their metabolic efficiency through scientific testing, changes in diet, and training at an appropriate intensity to teach your body to burn fat vs. carbohydrates. To learn more about this program contact Bob Hanisch